Workshops by Shannyn Snyder - fine arts, fun and crafts through interactive workshops
Art & Play Workshops for School-Age Kids (1st - 5th Grade)
Workshop Themes
DIY Squishies

DIY Floam, Flubber and Slime

Sew and Go
American Girl Doll Crafts (sew a dress, a pillow and a pillowcase for your doll)
Sculptures and Skyscrapers
Masterpiece Workshop (canvas painting)
Horsing Around (horse-related crafts)
Felt Foods and Creatures

Felt Pillows (introduction to trims and embellishments)
Create a Fleece Monster
Edible Architecture Workshop
Snowglobes and Snow Experiments or Snow Science
Terra Cotta Pottery
EZ Jewelry for Kids
I Made That - Four Holiday Gifts
Valentines Workshop
Perler Bead Bonanza

Back to Basics Series for School-Agers

Choose From:

Macaroni, Pasta and Seed Art

Beginning Weaving

Rubber Band Boards and Thread Art

Pinhole Diorama (general theme or other)

Beginning Woodwork

Build a Paint a Mini Vehicle

1:12 Scale/Dollhouse Miniatures

Yarn Crafts

Rubber Stamping Wonder Windows (Calendars)

Scratch Art, Crazy Critter Collage and Paper Chains

Cozy Warmers (Rice, Lavender and Barley)

Potato Faces

Sock Puppets and Upside Down Face Talent Show

Sunprinting, Shadow Art and Secret Messages

Aluminum Relief and Paper Embossing

Crafting with Senses: Touch & Draw, Sculpting in Blindfold, Unique Maracas

Learn to Sew with Felt

Gumdrop Holiday Trees & Marshmallow Snowmen


All programs are approximately 90 minutes each and are priced on the Pricing page.  My workshops are NOT gluten-free or peanut-free (food workshops). 
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