Workshops by Shannyn Snyder - fine arts, fun and crafts through interactive workshops
Library Read-Week Workshops
We have science & social studies workshops, too!
Example Book Series Workshops
(Appropriate for Elementary Agers)
Magic Treehouse Mysterious Crafts
How To Train Your Dragon Figurines
Black History Month Quilt and Wreath Workshop
Misty of Chincoteaque Wild Horse Crafts
Judy Moody’s Mod and Groovy Room Décor
Diary of a Wimpy Kid Cartooning and Art Bonanza
Junie B. Jones A Bit of Everything Art

(Suggest a theme - I can work with it!)
Teen Read Workshops
Coraline Craft Workshop
Harry Potter Wizardry Craft Workshop
Twilight Series Altered Art Journal and Bookmark
Steampunk Jewelry Workshop
Kawaii and Iwako – Fun with Japanese Clay Art
Erase Me Not – Jewelry Using Erasers
Hunger Games Survival Crafts
Zombie Apocalypse Craft Workshop
Collage Jewelry Workshop
Poetry in Mixed Media – Four Projects Celebrating Poetry
The Jane Austen Club – Book Discussion and Mixed Media Art (Series Recommended)
All programs are approximately 90 minutes each and are priced on the Pricing page.  My workshops are NOT gluten-free or peanut-free (food workshops). 
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